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Cynicism about politics? Unimaginable  | e-mail post

Marketplace (the public radio business news program) ran a great segment (audio) today. The intro to it:
It is a phrase that's commonly invoked every four years or so. And it's happening again now. We've been hearing a lot about the packaging of the Presidency, as if politics can be reduced to a kind of commodity. As if the rules of the marketplace apply to how we pick our Commanders in Chief. On the one hand, those of us who care about policy see this as an over-simplification. On the other hand, it may be that the persistence of the metaphor points to something very real about how commercial values have overtaken political values. [source]
It's an interesting interview with Andrew Zolli [blog], a Futures Research strategist and futurist in residence at Popular Science magazine. I can't get the audio to download right now so I can transcribe some choice bits, but among other comments are some Zolli makes around the idea that business has usurped the role of politics (and even religion) as meaning-making institutions in our lives, institutions in which people are more engaged and identify more strongly with than traditional institutions like a political party or a church. Hopefully the audio will work for you. It's definitely worth a listen. He then goes on to discuss the parallels of the political process to that of brand or product development.

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