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Halfway Point?  | e-mail post

It's my birthday today. Thanks. I'm 35 today. I just got a great eCard from a friend. According to the card, I am officially interesting, as men apparently aren't interesting until they're 35. It had a monkey on it, and since I love monkeys, the card was perfect. Speaking of monkeys, I think I might order this print as a birthday gift for myself.

According to this calculator, my life expectancy is 69.9 years, so I'm basically right at the halfway point in my life. (I'm a smoker, in case you couldn't guess from my relatively short life expectancy, or because you missed my writing on smoking bans.) I've had a pretty good life thus far, and I'm torn as to whether another 35 years seems like too much or too little, or maybe it's just right. I feel like I've done a lot in my life thus far, and have probably had several lifetimes worth of different experiences by many people's standards. There are some things I probably won't be able to get around to in my remaining time, but I'm looking forward to an even more enjoyable (but maybe not as exciting) back half of the whole life thing.

On the other hand, this calculator computes my life expectancy at 77.5 years, (as do some others I've check) so maybe I still have a few years before I'm on the downhill slope. And that's not even counting improvements in medical technology. The funny thing is that I think I have become less cynical as I've aged. Maybe I'm on my way to complete optimism. The irony would be achieving a complete state of optimism and hopefulness just as I am preparing to shed this mortal coil.

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