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A Horse's New Best Friend  | e-mail post

While it does strike me as rather adolescent and puerile to be amused by a subject like animal husbandry, I can't help it after stumbling across the EquiMount Phantom, from Equine Reproduction Services (visit them at frozen-semen.com). One might say it is a sex doll for horses. Interestingly, it looks kind of like a pommel horse with a center support (and without the pommels), or maybe like a larger, more industrial mechanical bull, such as we saw in Urban Cowboy (aka "Saturday Night Fever - The Western"). I don't think the horses care too much about the industrial design, but they probably like that it is "designed for comfort, security and maximum ejaculatory response." Check out the step-by-step guide to the EquiMount, including the all important step #4: "Introduce stallion to the EquiMount." I'm just picturing Mr. Ed saying "Aw, guys, you shouldn't have."

The thing that went over the top for me, though, was the picture in the online catalog for the Mini EquiMount, which shows, a shetland pony standing next to a tiny little EquiMount.

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