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The UK-based Department of Social Scrutiny is one of the funniest sites I have seen in a long time. A fairly left-leaning bent with some good parody of the British government. In addition to some very witty copy, they have got some great design that really makes it work. For a quick sample, I suggest:

About You general demographic form
About Your Ethical Standpoint form - "eg: Feng-Shui is not a belief system, it is merely a storage solution."
About Your Habitat form - "By 'room' we mean a polyhedral space bounded by four walls, a floor and a ceiling. A cupboard counts as two rooms."
About Your Majesty, Ma'am form - An identity card application for the Queen.
Surveillance Benefit Application form - "Please tell us about your pathalogical inability to trust others on a separate sheet of paper."
Road Signs - A couple of good ones.

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