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Oh my god, Ned! They're comin' right for us!  | e-mail post

According to the Centers for Disease Control, animals are implicated in some way with automobile crashes injuring 26,000 humans annually in the United States. [AP via Minneapolis Star-Tribune] [Reuters]

The CDC, obviously taking the side of the animals, has suggested that the number of such accidents could be reduced if drivers stayed alert, didn't speed and didn't drink and drive. This would seem to me to be good advice in general. Unfortunately, the CDC did not identify a single suggestion for the animals involved, not even so much as looking both ways before crossing, or actually walking to a labelled "Deer Crossing" area. Would that really be too much to ask? I mean, honestly, it's a give-and-take situation, and it seems the animals have a lot at stake here as well.

The Reuters article actually calls out Wisconsin (in addition to other rural states) as high risk areas. Let me tell you, nobody speeds in Wisconsin (drinking and driving is probably another story). If you actually see someone going the full speed limit in Wisconsin, you can bet they aren't natives.

In any event, clearly there is some wisdom to South Park's Ned and Uncle Jimbo taking a preemptive approach to dealing with risks animals pose to all of us.

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