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Oops, he did it again; and so is Apple  | e-mail post

If you (like me) think it's a little bit of a drag that Apple's AirPort Express could only be used with Apple's iTunes, you're in luck. The same Norwegian who cracked the DeCSS encryption scheme used in DVDs has done it for the AirPort Express as well. You can read about it on his weblog, appropriately named So Sue Me. (Note, the blog is down right now, it seems, but you can access the public key via Google's cache.) The tool to let other apps stream music to the AirPort Express is JustePort. Fortunately for Jon Johansen, Norway's courts have looked favorably on his work to let people get full use of technology and content they have legally purchased.

I find it hilarious that Apple continues to focus on their closed-system model with iTunes. (Including their assault on Real's "hacking" of Apple technology.) Didn't Apple learn enough from either their own ability to be the creator of the mainstream windowed-GUI operating system and then to be relegated to being a minor player in it due to their proprietary approach, the same way Sony did with the betamax format.

It unfortunate, back in my more idealistic days, I was a huge fan of Apple and the Mac. I still am, technologically. They make some great stuff. I wish Apple made entire lines of consumer electronics from alarm clocks to blenders. But their proprietary approach to things just infuriates me.

Expect a more general rant in the near future about the lack of a single open MP3 library tool that I can use with all my gizmos from different vendors.

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