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I was a little surprised to be looking at my weekly "Circuits" e-mail from the New York Times and seeing the blurb for the auto section saying: "Make carpools easier this year with a bigger car." What? What? What?! I couldn't believe what I was reading: the New York Times encouraging the purchase of larger automobiles. Maybe it's just that I'm in Minneapolis, not NYC, but I will tell you that I don't see too many carpools made up of minivans or big wagons, like the Dodge Magnum they show on the graphic. Usually it seems to be people who are driving already more fuel efficient vehicles.

I was very surprised to see the NYT running a "big car" special when oil is still north of $40/barrel. The irony is I am sure somewhere in the Times today is an article about the dangers of excessive American gas consumption.

I actually rented a Magnum when I was in Chicago a few weeks ago. It was possibly the most miserable driving experience I have ever had (although my most dangerous experience was probably driving an Audi with a torn out oil pan along the UAE/Oman border, lost, far off the road, with no water and an engine on the verge of seizing). While I am used to a tighter European sports suspension, the Magnum floated around like a 1973 Crown Vic that needs new shocks. It was actually pretty entertaining driving it through rush hour, following someone else (not in a pile of crap) taking a short cut to the airport. Hard lane changes in that thing flet like a wave rolling under your boat.

In truth, though, the Magnum would have been a lot better over in Dubai.

Yeah, I need a big car for carpooling, that's the ticket!

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