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China: Land of Happy Browsers & Sad Pornographers  | e-mail post

When I saw the item on my SofoTex RSS feed that said "Happy Browser" the first thing that popped into my head was, "It must be a Chinese browser." I mean, "happy" seems to be among the favorite English words for the Chinese, it seems. While I was chastising myself for the massive cultural generalization, I clicked to go to the main website. Sure enough, it is a Chinese web browser. (screenshot)

I wonder if it can "filtrate" porn as well as advertisements, given the recently hardened stance the Chinese government is taking against online pornography; pornographers now face a very stiff sentence of life in prison. This actually doesn't seem all that severe a sentence for a country that seems to have a fairly liberal application of the dealth penalty.

My favorite story on the subject had to be an Indian news story that, I believe quite innocently, begins, "China is getting hard on porn."

Well, I'd hope so. I thought that was the point of it!

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