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The CTX 7300: Common Sense about Oil  | e-mail post

A new book on oil dependence by Paul Roberts, The End of Oil : On the Edge of a Perilous New World prompted Jim Haskett to ask "How do we prepare for a world without cheap oil?" at HBS Working Knowledge this month. You can read some of the comments readers had on the subject as well.
Perfect for city-dwellers. A city in Hell, hopefully.Two groups that didn't weigh in were International Truck and Navistar, who both clearly missed the memo about the price of oil. They've released the 7300 CXT "Possibly Too Much Truck. Like That's a Problem," according to their sales materials. The CXT (for Commercial Extreme Truck) will be selling for north of $100,000 with options. It is slated to be the "next Hummer," meaning, I presume that it will be purchased by people with too much money and too little brains (and probably too little in their pants as well).

Don't get me wrong; I have no objection to spending that kind of money on a vehicle. Many fine European automakers have some outstanding machines that are practically-sized for driving and put the money in the engine and handling, not simply in sheer mass. And even though fast cars can drain a gas tank, even the M5 driven hard gets more than the 6-10 MPG the CTX delivers. And I would even say the CTX might make sense if you live in big sky country, or if you had a business transporting trailer homes. I just don't want to see a bunch of suburb & exurb-dwellers buying these and then taking them downtown one night a month.

Thankfully, since it's a diesel, I probably won't see too many of these up here in Minnesota, as the winters aren't exactly diesel-friendly. The monstrosity is 258 inches long (21 1/2 feet); that's 4.5 feet longer than the Hummer H2 pickup. Given that I see people trying to drive and park Hummers around the city, I'm sure I will encounter at least one person in it. Since the CXT has a DVD player as an option, hopefully it won't be this guy driving it.

I think my favorite part is the tagline, used without irony, I believe "The Brilliance of Common Sense."

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