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...I'm a little burnt out today on current events: North Korea, CBS, polls, all of it. It's true, so here's some interesting factoids, and then it's "Calgon, take me away..."

...you're entitled to a a jury of your beers, I mean peers? Apparently insobriety of any sort in jurors does not diminish the authority of the verdict they reefer, I mean render. [Yahoo]

...you can get an old-style telephone handset for your cell phone? The seems kindof nuts until you think about how small cell phones are and how often you use them in settings that mobility isn't important. [www.pokia.com]

...China is home to one-third of the world's smokers? [AFP via Yahoo]

...Stanford did a pretty serious simulation to determine the the psychological effects of imprisonment in 1971? Interesting stuff... [www.prisonexp.org]

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