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John Kerry: I'm "not political"...Huh?  | e-mail post

I was on Orkut today when I stumbled across John Kerry's Orkut profile (he showed up as a friend of a friend). What I loved was his profile response to the "political view" question: "not political." Huh? Is this guy unable to take a position on anything? I can appreciate wanting to make a nuanced response, but Orkut does give you 11 other choices for the answer other than "not political." Personally, I chose centrist, which while not perfect, is better than the other choices. But seriously, selecting "not political" when you are running for President of the United States is just completely absurd.

I also got a kick out of a posting in Kerry's testimonials. Christine from California [her site] felt it was important to let John Kerry know that she "had this dream the other night that I was working for your campaign and you, like me, were a poet. You were worried about whether your poetry was going to reach a larger audience or not. Then you turned into an elderly woman. What was that all about?" What indeed?

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