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Kerry Enjoys Healthy Lead Among Naked College Students  | e-mail post

She wants Kerry, just not for President, it appears.
I was looking around for some offbeat polls or election predictors which I hope to share over the next few weeks before the election, and I cam across College Humor's Election Erection 2004. People are encouraged to send in nude pictures of bodies decorated to indicate their partisan leanings. Possibly not surprising, as of this time, Kerry is winning in terms of total pictures, 82 to 47. Nader has a few votes as well. (I noticed at least one Candian voting for Kerry, and I'm not sure if they included this in their tally.) In any event, this sample of naked people looks a lot like Massachusetts in terms of expected voting.

Some may be surprised to see that Bush supporters are generally no more inhibited than Kerry supporters.

Hopefully no one will be surprised that many took advantage of the obvious "no Bush" visual gag.

And I'm just going to stay out of which candidate has, on average, better looking supporters. Suffice it to say that there are a lot of Kerry supporters that would not be helping their cause by working for FtheVote.com.

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