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Sometimes in the course of human events (OK browsing), I stumble across things that are amusing, entertaining or that seem just unique enough to want to call out.

Here's a use of the defense budget everyone can enjoy: The Naval Safety Center's collection of confusing signs. You'll need Powerpoint to see all of them, but they have some samples on their web site. (The best ones are in the preso, though).

Laurence Simon's laid the groundwork for a prank several millenia in the making with his twist on the Rosetta stone. I would love to see what future linguists, human or otherwise, may make of the result.

It would appear Jack Torrance (Jack Nicholson's character in The Shining) has got a web log under the name of Johny[sic] Bravo. Heeeeere's Johny.

"Some people build model airplanes, some craft model trains and some... well, they invent model languages." So says the introduction page at LangMaker.com. In addition to new languages (which have an admittedly geeky aspect to them), they've also got a great list of neologisms (new words). Include the list in your next Scrabble game. He shoots, he scores...a bingo with "yavizian" on a triple-word; the crowd goes wild!

Antone Roundy posts these bits of wisdom on "How to have a protracted discussion without accomplishing anything" based on his observed participation in a standards working group. The list could be a SOP document for many organizations I've seen in action.

UW Madison student Anthony Gallagher found an interesting way to "earn" extra beer money: fake parking tickets. How do I know Gallagher wasn't using the money for his studies? All of his fake citations used the real citation number police had issued to him, making him easier to track down.

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