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New Catch-and-Release Hostage Program In Effect  | e-mail post

It seems the stance of the Western democracies in not negotiating with kidnappers seems to be paying some dividends and undoing some of the damage Spanish voters may have done in their seeming capitulation to terror. Today two Italian women were released along with four Egyptians, following yesterday's release of an Iranian diplomat, and it looks like two French journalists will be set free (if we throw in a Priest and a Rabbi, we'd have the start of a joke). And of course the Druse Israeli who worked for CNN was released within a day of being abducted. Not sure if that was a mistake on the kidnappers' part or not ("Ooops, we got one of our own"). [Reuters via Yahoo]

Sadly, no word yet on Britain's Ken Bigley. Although the U.S. and U.K. stance on not negotiating with hostage takers seems to mean either Bigley will get released or get killed. The latter would clearly be unfortunate, but a firm stance seems to be working better than capitulation, even though it seems dispassionate to many.

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