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North Korea Blast Updates: Look, it's a Nuke; it's a Cloud; it's a Construction Site; it's nothing at all!  | e-mail post

Unfortunately, Blogger just ate my post on a 500 error, and I hadn't saved it beforehand. That will teach me. Here's a quick recap:

Yahoo has satellite photos that explain little.

The International Herald Tribune says the blast was a 2.6 on the richter scale, but Express India discusses a nuke test in 1998 that had confusing richter readings. In

The Chosun Ilbo tells the story of the statellite pictures in headlines:
The Korea Times reports that some think the blast will turn out to be "a happening" (translated as: no big deal), and in another report discusses the possible breakdown in intelligence sharing with the U.S. due to the warming of relations between the two Koreas.

CNN reports the German Ambassador says it looks like a construction site, but the Polish ambassador says the group has rendered no opinion yet. This is consistent with the word from the UK as well.

UPDATE (Friday AM): AFP via Yahoo now reports that a:) there may have been no blast at all, according to South Korea, and b) the North Koreans took the diplomats to a site 60 kilometers from the suspected blast site. A similar report from the Chosun Ilbo.

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