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P.I.M.P. Scholars Gonna Get Their Learn On   | e-mail post

I learned of a new scholarship program sponsored by multi-platinum rapper Nelly and his Fillmore Street Brewing, makers of the Pimpjuice energy drink (which I must confess I had never seen, although it is apparently better for you than Red Bull and other energy drinks). The program will be awarding P.I.M.P. Scholarships to "Positive Intellectual Motivated People"

Certainly, some credit is deserved for both awarding the money, and arguably making scholarship "hip" among an audience that may get a lot of messages pointing them in different directions (from Nelly's music, for example). I still can't get over the name. I just want to hear someone say: "Rhodes Scholar my ass, I got a PIMP Scholarship"

(Credit to Chris Rock for the headline; it is from his truly brilliant 1996 HBO Special, Bring The Pain [VHS]. It is worth owning for repeated viewing, and I can't say that about a lot of comedy.)

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