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Reading Kafka? Here's the Perfect Bookmark  | e-mail post

I feel so much safer knowing the TSA is on the job. Screeners at Tampa International Airport arrested a 52 year old special ed teacher from Maryland while travelling with her college-age sons, according to this story in the St Petersburg Times. Why was she arrested: packing lead, well a lead-weighted bookmark that is. To the left is a picture of the Bookmark of Terror, below it is a picture of that would-be terrorist.

I own a very similar bookmark, I bought it a few years back from Levenger. Honestly, it's OK, but doesn't have nearly the heft necessary to hold the pages down for many books. It is useful enough, however. I use it for cookbooks and magazines for the most part. This story has raised it to "travel essential" in my book, though. Rather than sending you to Levenger, I would suggest you buy one from Amazon. And I really suggest you buy one, and fly with it, often.

This just in...maybe this is why the TSA is so worried...

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