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A Real "Joint" Session of Congress  | e-mail post

Or, as Afroman might have sung a few years ago: "I Was Gonna Write a Complete Platform, but Then I Got High."

Although there is no argument that we are very much a two-party nation in terms of control, one wonderful thing about our democracy is that really almost anyone can run. And honestly, I don't always mean "wonderful" as in "good for our democracy" sometimes I just mean "wonderful" as in "you just can't make up stuff this funny."

I stumbled across the site for Ed Forchion, the New Jersey Weedman, who is running for congress in the third congressional district of New Jersey. He's running as a member of the Legalize Marijuana Party. I'm hoping he hasn't spent too much time looking for an apartment in D.C. yet.

Although I like independent political parties in general, running on a single issue is one of the few things that irritates me more than people who vote on a single issue. Forchion's campaign is, unsurprisingly, pretty much just about Marijuana legalization. Actually, in this case, maybe that's a good thing.

I certainly support legalization, or at least tacit decriminalization, of marijuana, so I can get behind Forchion on that. But some of Ed's views are a little over the top. Some people complain that smoking marijuana gives them a slight sense of paranoia; clearly Ed is a victim of that as well. Here's how he starts out his "Kiss My Ass" commercial:
In the 1930's and 40's the Nazi party marched millions into gas chamber. With today's DNA technology, there is no need to march people into ovens.Using the Democrat and Republican parties' DNA database numerous vaccines can be developed to eliminate those unwanted by the majority.
Ah, OK. Ed, step away from the bong.

Forchion conveniently has all his commercials available online, because he still needs to raise money to help run them on television. He encourages people to send in any amount to help, even $4.20.
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