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Target Playing Scrooge This Year  | e-mail post

The Star-Tribune reports that Minneapolis-based Target is banning Salvation Army bellringers from their storefronts this year.

Now, I am usually a big fan of Target as a mass merchandiser. When your other national choices are Wal-Mart or Kmart, this should be an easy race to win, especially as I really, really hate Wal-Mart both as a shopping experience and as a corporate entity. The fact that Target is a local company is just a bonus.

But I am a little disgusted at Target's move, given how much they like to play up their community support (in fairness, they give over $100 million away annually). Target says that they are just extending their historical non-solicitation policy to the Salvation Army, which had previously been exempted from the restriction.

What kills me is the Target decision to do this when charities nationwide are already struggling. Kicking the Salvation Army when they're down is just a bad deal.

Admittedly, Target would probably need to do something far more dastardly to get me into a Wal-Mart, and Kmart would have to clean up their stores to get me there, neither of which will likely happen. So I'll probably be shopping at Target still, but my loyalty just went way down.

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