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ABC News...Kinda Honest  | e-mail post

Drudge is reporting that ABC News management, by way of Mark Halperin, ABC's Political Director, is directing their reporters to more aggressively fact check George Bush than John Kerry. A reporter's bias slipping into their reporting is one thing, a management position takes things to a whole new level. Today ABC's online headlines even buy into Kerry's assertions about Bush being somehow responsible for the flu vaccine shortage. ("Kerry Chides Bush on Flu Vaccine Shortage")

But what I really loved is that when I went to the ABC News site, to see if they had any sort of reaction or response (they of course did not, that I saw), they did have their related news item "What it Means to Steal, to Cheat, to Lie" Where does it link to? The ABC News The Note, Halperin & Co's newsblog-cum-soapbox. Well, I guess that does pretty well sum things up.

Also, honestly, their claim that "we try to live to live professionally" is laughable in light of the recent Halperin directive. Or maybe, they do try, but their leanings are just so strong they overcome their attempts at professionalism. Maybe a 12-step program would be in order.

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