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How to Search Firefox History Using Google Desktop  | e-mail post

OK, now for a somewhat atypical post, but it came up as I was really wishing Google Desktop worked on my Firefox history when I was looking for something I had browsed across recently.

If you use, or want to use, Google Desktop, but use Firefox and are frustrated that Google only supports IE for browsing your viewed web pages, Ken Schuette's Slogger Firefox extension might be the ticket. It can automatically (or on demand) save all of your browsing to disk, which is then searchable via Google Desktop (or any other desktop search tool, I suppose). Also, you could use various sorts of desktop proxy server tools to accomplish the same thing. Since Google Desktop itself contains a webserver, I'm surprised they didn't just build a small proxy into it, it's kind of a Duh! move.

Jacques Surveyer has a list of alternatives to Google Desktop as well.
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