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I Wonder If He Played Catch with His Kids This Much?  | e-mail post

Democratic Presidential candidate Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., holds a football on the tarmac before departing the Austin Straubel International Airport in Green Bay, Wisc. Tuesday, Oct. 26, 2004. (AP Photo/Gerald Herbert) (originally from Yahoo)
You've probably experienced that phenomenon in which you purchase a new car (or maybe your spouse or a good friend does) and then you start seeing that model of car all the time (OK, if you just bought a Ferrari or a Bentley you probably don't experience this). Of course, you know that it's not because another 2% of the population bought their cars the same day you did, it's just that your conscious awareness of them was raised.

The same thing has happened to me with regard to John Kerry and pictures of him engaged in some kind of sporting activity. The guys at Powerline have mentioned this a few times, recently calling attention to it in this post, but the one that had caught my eye was this one, referencing a post from August (the photo on that one really is classic, the Secret Service agent looks something like Travolta from Pulp Fiction, sans tie but with shades).

Sure enough, since reading it, I have noticed that nearly every day, he feels the need to pitch the ball around (when he's not taking time off to hunt, anyway).

The Powerline guys have attributed this to some sort of Kennedy-complex, in which Kerry needs to emulate the athleticism of the Kennedys. I think that's probably as good an explanation as any, but it is really just bizarre. Seriously, Senator, you're running for President, not for chair of the Presential Phsyical Fitness committee.

Hopefully after the election Kerry will have plenty of time for therapy, although I don't know if Bush's health proposals cover psychological treatment of that nature.

Unrelated Item: A truly fantastic satirical news story, that I think we would all love to see on the front page.
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