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Iraqi Weapons and Oil-For-Alliances News  | e-mail post

Finally, Steve Stecklow at the Wall Street Journal picks up the oil-for-alliances story as it reports on bribery of an Saybolt employee contracted by the UN to monitor oil shipments. Saybolt executives are appearing before the House National Security Subcommittee today. This should be good.

Also out today, Eli Lake at the New York Sun also reports on the to-be-released findings and has some interesting things to report from a set of talking points on the subject, including Iraq's plans to reconstitute it's weapons programs as soon as inspections ended, as well as Iraq's continued development of long-range missle technology, banned under the 17 different UN sanctions resolutions passed between 1991 and 2003. The Journal's David Cloud also reports on the CIA findings. The report also seems to provide some discussion of the use of the Oil-for-Food program's role in both bribery as well as for illegal procurement of weapons components.

In related news, the LA Times reports on an interview with Mahdi Obeidi, the head of Iraq's nuclear program before it was mothballed.

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