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Is Teresa Opposed to John's Plan to Tax the Rich?  | e-mail post

It would sure seem to be the case, since nearly every time the Kerry campaign lets Terea Heinz Kerry out in the public eye, she says something that makes the Kerry campaign look bad. I wrote about her "shove it" comment back in late July.

Today, she again decided to see how Manolo Blahnik (0r maybe it's Prada or Gucci for her) tastes by shoving her foot way down her throat. As reported by Reuters via Yahoo today, citing an interview in USA Today:
Asked how she would be different from Mrs. Bush if Kerry won the Nov. 2 election, Heinz Kerry said: "Well, you know, I don't know Laura Bush. But she seems to be calm, and she has a sparkle in her eye, which is good. But I don't know that she's ever had a real job -- I mean, since she's been grown up."
Ouch! Teresa, Teresa, Teresa, you need to think before you talk every once in a while. I mean, speaking five languages (Portuguese, English, French, Spanish and Italian) doesn't do you any good if you just make an ass out of yourself in English.

Teresa Heinz Kerry (or more completely Maria Teresa Thierstein Simões-Ferreira Heinz Kerry) is a total triple-threat here with this move. How? Well, by:
Of course, it's easy to forget what hard work digging for gold is, and since Heinz-Kerry did go to college in that world capital of gold-mining, South Africa, home of the Krugerrand, nobody knows better than her.

On top of it all, Kerry really picked a dumb target: Laura Bush's favorable-to-unfavorable rating is a positively glowing 74%-16% versus Heinz Kerry's 40%-34% which could most charitably be described as lukewarm. As reported in the accompanying USA Today article on what the U.S. wants in a first lady.

Covering the brouhaha: [USA Today] [Jacksonville TV] [CNN]

Yesterday, Heinz Kerry was quoted as saying she didn't regret any of her past remarks. At least she left open the possibility of regretting future ones. [AP via Yahoo]

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