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It's a Strange World Indeed...  | e-mail post

...when Martin Peretz, the Editor-in-Chief of The New Republic, has an op-ed piece in the LA Times two weeks before the election, titled "Kerry The Clueless," praising George Bush's Israel policies and just beating on Kerry's position (or lack of one, maybe) on Israel. Peretz is concerned that Kerry's deference to the U.N.'s "wisdom" would mean that Israel would lose its sole ally in an otherwise hostile world.

Possibly to drive home the point, Malaysia's answer to Hitler, former Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad (who last year proclaimed quite publicly that "Jews rule the world by proxy") is telling all American Muslims of their moral duty to vote for John Kerry. I'm not really certain if this is the kind of endorsement from world leaders that Kerry was hoping for, but maybe it's the only one he should really expect.

Given that French and German leaders have taken a giant step backward when Kerry suggested he would build a broader alliance, maybe Mohamad can help Kerry lead his global alliance.

Speaking of The New Republic, however, I would recommend a TNR piece forwarded to me over the weekend, "Hero Worship," in which George Bush is characterized, to be generous to Bush, as a man whose lack of firm ideology, coupled with a penchant for narratives, allows him to be manipulated by those around him. I am not a huge fan of those who put forth arguments based in some measure on Bush being less than quite intelligent, but it is an interesting read. And I think all of us, right and left, should take some time reading what the other guys are saying.

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