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JibJab; O'Reilly on Stewart; Mondale Driving Like Kerry  | e-mail post

JibJab, the guys who had the wonderful "Our Land" parody earlier this year have done it again, with "Good to Be in D.C." (to the tune of "Dixie") [AtomFilms has more server capacity]

It's not highbrow political thinking, but it was a good laugh.

Also, I caught Bill O'Reilly on The Daily Show with John Stewart last night. You can catch the rerun on Comedy Central today at 7PM Eastern/6PM Central. First, if Stewart and O'Reilly had a show together, it would become appointment television for me, it was a good session. Second, my opinion of Bill O'Reilly went up substantially. Politics aside (since he and I should be on the same side of things), I had previously thought of O'Reilly as a blowhard.

Also, for more humor, a client just came into my office telling me that he was almost run off the road by Walter Mondale who apparently was trying to pick a lane the way John Kerry picks a position on Iraq (i.e. he was all over the place).

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