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Kerry Might Be In Deep Caca Over Al-Qaqaa  | e-mail post

This could be interesting. As you know, unless you just left your cave, the whole issue of missing explosives at Al-Qaqaa was the last bit of help the major media could try to give to John Kerry. (For more on the Editor and Publisher report on the media's bias towards Kerry, see my "Not Exactly 'Man Bites Dog'" post).

Well Powerline directs us to see this breaking news in which an Army officer in the 3rd Infantry division explains that his group removed roughly 250 tons of the explosives themselves. [Also AP via Yahoo]

Hindrocket over at Powerline correctly surmises this could be the coup de grace for the Kerry campaign. Given that Kerry has had nothing but a string of attacks to fall back on (cf "Democrats on the Defensive, per Usual"), the Rocket's probably right on the money.

That's the risk of running a campaign without a positive coherent message, unlike the Bush campaign's very positive and quite coherent themes and agenda (see "Last Chance to Get Some Facts Out" for ideas when talking to undecideds this weekend.)

Update: Holy Qaqaa, again, Batman, it looks like Powerline is the epicenter for bad news for Kerry today. News is still developing, but Hindrocket posts news that Kerry may have received an "other than honorable discharge" from the Navy. Ouch. If true, this could be gruesome.

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