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Kerry's 12.8% Tax Rate  | e-mail post

Drudge gets the word out today on John Kerry & Teresa Heinz's effective 12.8% tax rate. Nice going. Stephen Moore of the Club for Growth discussed it in the WSJ today, where he sums things up nicely:
The Kerrys have unwittingly made the case for what George W. Bush says he wants to do: radically simplify and flatten out the tax code. Dick Armey and Steve Forbes have persuasively argued over the years that America should have a flat tax with a rate of 17% to 19%. John Kerry has consistently opposed a flat tax, because he says it would be a tax break for the rich. But the truth is with a 19% flat tax, some rich people with lavish tax shelters, like John Kerry, would pay more taxes. I calculate that the Kerrys would pay another $500,000 of taxes if we had a flat tax.

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