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Kerry's 'Powerful' Attacks on the Truth and America's Allies  | e-mail post

The Kerry campaign rolled out a new ad today, titled "Powerful." The ad has a wonderful collection of lies and half-truths, as Spinsanity has already identified, and even the NY Times referred to the attacks linking Bush with Saudi royal family as "reminiscent of 'Fahrenheit 9/11'."

The NYT also mentioned that test-marketing by the Democratic group Media Fund revealed the Saudi-Bush connection played unexpectedly well with voters in Missouri based on their research. Well, as long as it plays well, who cares if it's true? Kind of like Kerry's comments about the New York Subway system in the debate last week.

And while the Democrats use subtle racism against Bush, it's Ashcroft who is being accused of being a racist by Arab and Muslim groups in the U.S. WTF?!? Kind of like Edwards felt it necessary to explicitly state that Cheney loves his gay daughter while he and John Kerry believe marriage is between a man and a woman. (Even Jon Stewart's The Daily Show on Comedy Central's tonight lit up Edwards on that. It was quite funny, catch or Tivo the rerun tomorrow afternoon.)

I guess when Democrats quietly invoke racism or homophobia, it's OK, since, well, I guess just because.

What really amazes me is that while supposedly Bush is doing favors for the Saudis, it is Bush who is rolling back our military presence in Saudi Arabia, in contrast to, for example, the Saudis receipt of s AWACS under Carter or JFK's defense support of Saudi Arabia against Egypt in 1963.

And also, while a lot of Al Qaida folk claim Saudi as their birthplace, in addition to Saudi arrests of Al Qaida operatives, it's worth remembering that the whole reason Bin-Laden was kicked out of Saudi Arabia was because of his opposition to the royal family, largely because they allowed the continued presence of infidel U.S. troops on their soil to help enforce U.N. sanctions against Iraq with respect to the "no-fly zone."

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