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Latest Nobel Peace Laureate Inciting Race War?  | e-mail post

I was truly shocked (no sarcasm) to come upon this news item from Australia, reporting on comments made by Wangari Maathai, Kenyan Nobel Laureate, this year's winner of the peace prize. Maathai claimed in August (before she was awarded the prize, no less) that HIV/AIDS was a biologic engineered by "evil scientists, but we may not know who particularly did." She seems to move between thinking it was designed to kill Africans or control them.

What is most disappointing about this, beyond the fact that the argument she employs could only nominally be described as "reasoning," is that she is now in a position where she could positively influence Africans in their fight againt AIDS infections, of which they are home to 25 of the 38 million global cases. Instead, though, she would seem more comfortable promoting a conspiracy of oppression.

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