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Limited Coverage On Iraq's Oil-For-Alliances  | e-mail post

When I posted Saturday night on the Sunday Times article about the possible use of Oil-for-Food money to "contribute" to various individuals of influence within the French and Russian (among other) governments, I also forwarded the note along to a few places: Instapundit, Powerline, Drudge and a college friend who should remain nameless. Drudge didn't seem to think it made for good news, although Powerline and Instapundit seemed to think it was relevant. I heard back from my nameless friend and it seems like they also passed the item along, but it will be a couple of days before I have a better sense of that.

Having seen earlier today that it wasn't being picked up by any of the so-called mainstream media, I actually forwarded the link on to a couple of national reporters. Ironically, even with the press crackdown, the Moscow Times picked up the story about Putin's aides as did Mosnews.com. Finally, this evening it appears Investor's Business Daily has picked it up.

This story really cuts to the heart of Kerry's sole critique of Bush's foreign policy, that it was something with Bush that prevented a broader alliance from being crafted for going against Iraq. (Of course, in the days after the debates, all of our current non-allies confirmed that they plan to continue their non-support even if Kerry were in the White House.) Bush is apparently throwing a change-up on Wednesday, delivering a "significant speech" on the war on terror rather than the planned speech on medical liability reform. [Reuters via Yahoo] I'll certainly be curious to hear what he has to say.

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