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Loading Up for Talks About Friday's Debate  | e-mail post

Since today is the first day many will have to chat about the debate, I thought I would post some links that might be of interest.

First, since there was little new in the foreign policy discussion, my comments about the first debate are relevant, including the fact that in the Korean conflict, one of Kerry's examples of our great alliance-building, we were also 90% of the allied casualties. Also, in defense of our actions against Iraq, you might want to read "A Pragmatic Reason for Invading Iraq" as well as a great essay in two parts by Bill Whittle, titled "Deterrence" at EjectEjectEject. [Part 1] [Part 2]

On the medical liability question, you might want to read "Fact-Checking FactCheck.org on Tort Reform" in which I reveal that (a) FactCheck.org might be a little biased in its assessment of that issue, and (b) Bush really is onto something there, just like California was when it past tort reform laws back in 1975.

On the issue of those horrible tax cuts for the rich, you might be surprised to learn that those demonic rich folk are actually paying a larger percentage of the individual income tax burden than they would have than before Bush's tax cuts for everyone. "Real Numbers on Taxes"

For those of you who want to look up some details, Fox has the transcript and video.

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