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OK, time to lighten things up a little bit. Here are a few things that gave me a laugh, or at least a raised eyebrow (whether or not the creator intended me to is another matter):

The Conference Bike is a tangible metaphor for most group projects ("One person steers, while everyone is free to pedal along or not").

If you ever saw the Saturday Night Live skit where Christopher Walken is playing a record producer working with Blue Oyster Cult, you will probably love this "More Cowbell" t-shirt. If you haven't seen the skit, you can watch this Windows Media clip. Also, check out "The Cowbell Project" if you're into this sort of thing. [Thanks ritalin.com for the t-shirt link]

The Decadent West is always funny in a take-no-prisoners kind of way. If you don't mind some(?) profanity, I highly recommend the DW take on the veep debate. Actually, the DW is one of the few sites that captured just how badly the debate went for Edwards, because it's really tough to find a polite way of saying it.

If, like me, you grew up with the "how many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie-Pop" commercials, there is now a tool to aid you in your quest for truth and to tell that smart-ass owl to shut it. That's right, a Lolly Pop Lick-o-Meter.

Finally, this is kind of a follow-up to the odd road signs I posted about a few weeks back. Presenting the "Hall of Technical Documentation Wierdness."

Do you like that satisfying sound of popping bubble wrap bubbles? Me, too. Unfortunately, this site's bubble wrap simulator is a keen demonstration that some things just don't virtualize very well. Of course, there seem to be thousands (millions?) of people who think masturbating to a text message box is a decent substitute for sex, so maybe I'm just too demanding.

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