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NYT's Judith Miller Risks Incarceration in Witchhunt  | e-mail post

Reuters via Yahoo reports that Judith Miller has been held in contempt (and could be jailed for up to 18 months, pending an appeal) for refusing disclose sources about the Valerie Plame affair, about which Miller never wrote or published. From the Reuters report:
Arthur Sulzberger Jr., the Times' publisher, said in a statement the investigation has moved "dangerously off course" and Miller had done nothing wrong.

"She is not the person who revealed the identity of a CIA agent. Yet she is the one who is facing time in jail while the very people who exposed Ms. Plame remain unpunished," he said.

I just traded e-mails with Miller over this past weekend, alerting her to the initial London Times report on Iraqi reports of Oil-for-Alliances [post here], since she has demonstrated strong contacts related to Iraqi reporting, largely because of confidential sources (although she has been subjected to critcisms from all sides because of who some of those sources are).

I am appalled that U.S. District Chief Judge Thomas Hogan (bio) took this action against Miller, and I certainly hope, for the sake of fairness, good reporting, the First Amendment and Judith Miller that the Appeals court reverses Hogan's inexplicable actions. Oddly, Robert Novak was the one who originally ran the Plame story, hasn't even been subpoenaed, or at least he isn't saying he has. [Newsday via AP]

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