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Of Course...This Gets Coverage  | e-mail post

Just doing my quick search of Oil-for-Alliances headlines this morning and what comes up? Everybody and their dog is carrying coverage on the subpoena against the Bush administration and the Coalition Provisional Authority for unaccounted-for oil revenues as well as further inquiries into Halliburton that came out of the House subcommittee hearings yesterday. [Knight Ridder via Mercury News] Even among AP wire consumers, few actually even ran the compete AP feed that included at least some reference to the corruption of the Oil-for-Food program, "Executives from Cotecna and Saybolt said they were hampered by poor equipment, dangerous conditions, and relentless efforts by Hussein to exploit the oil sales for illegal profits and kickbacks." [AP via ABC] As much as I hate to say it, as I'm not a fan, Fox actually did have fairly balanced coverage.

This was a very effective tactic by House Democrats, by turning attention to the current Administration, they score a one-two punch of distracting American's from the fact that the Oil-for-Food program may have been used by Hussein to bribe foreign officials and thus may have acted to limit our alliance-building and at the same time get to inject Halliburton into the discussion again.

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