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Oil-for-Alliances List Highlights from Duelfer Report  | e-mail post

Unfortunately, Annex B of section 1 of the CIA findings are embedded in the PDFs as images, so I can't just copy and paste the entire table of Iraq Oil Voucher Recipients. However, here is "Figure 17: Selected secret oil voucher recipients" from page 167 of this PDF. The complete list (with many duplicates, as it is a list of vouchers for each of the 13 phases of the Oil-for-Food Program) appears on pages 303 through 335 of the PDF.

Millions of Barrels AllocatedMillions of Barrels Lifted
Mr. ZierbekRussian Communist Party110.1087.391
Mr. Azakov and Mr. VelloshiaRus Naft Ambix and the Russian Presidential Office84.27872.516
Vladimir Zhirinovsky and LDPR CompaniesA former senior official in the Iraqi government stated that Zhirionvsky visited Iraq on a regular basis53.079.8
Russian Foreign Ministry
Patrick MaugeinIraq considered Maugein a conduit to French President Chirac, according to a former Iraqi official in a claim we have not confirmed14.013.199
RaominAllocations were made to an individual listed as Raomin who is further described in the voucher allocation list as the son of the former Russian ambassador in Baghdad.13.513.071
Mr. Nikolayi Ryzhkov and Mr. GotzarivMembers of the Russian Parliament (Duma)12.011.88
Charles PasquaBusinessman and former French Interior Minister11.010.751
Benon Sevan, UN Chief of the Oil for Food ProgramFormer Iraqi offi cials say he received his illicit oil allocations through various companies that he recommended to the Iraqi government including the African Middle East Company.13.07.291
Government of Namibia
Government of Yemen
Sukarnoputri Megawati, President of IndonesiaIraqi documents list President Megawati as a recipient of oil allocations.6.03.779

Unfortunately, I have a meeting to get to, so I'll have to change out of my official blogging uniform (i.e. my pajamas) and pick this up later.
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Hey cynic:

I'm sure that CBS News will be aggressively covering this story, breaking down the Oil-For-Fraud scandal line by line...

Oh, wait, that would make them journalists. Since we now know that this is not even a possibility in this time-space continuum, perhaps they'll just cover whatever "Beat Bad Bush" story they can to try to win the election for Kerry.
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