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Paris Hilton Wants You To Stuff Her Ballot Box  | e-mail post

Paris Hilton: Hard to recognize clothed. [Hat tip: The Decadent West]
P. Diddy's Citizen Change rolls out voter registraton campaign [Press release via Yahoo!]. That's right, P. Diddy and his merry band of "politically conscious" (at least they don't try to claim politically informed) celebrities, about half of whom actually even have full names, want to make voting "hot and sexy" to appeal to the youth.

I am genuinely ambivalent about the use of celebrities to motivate the youth vote. On one hand, broad participation in our democracy should be a good thing. On the other hand, anybody who needs P. Diddy or Paris Hiton to tell them they should vote probably shoudn't be allowed to vote. I know literacy tests were declared unconstitutional, but there honestly ought to be some way to at least enforce a certain expectation of voters being informed (if not intelligent). Of course, we would have a completely different political landscape if that happened, on both sides of the political spectrum.

My political elitist tendencies are coming on strong. I'll stop before I whip myself into a frenzy.

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