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Politcal Ads: Everything Old Is New Again  | e-mail post

Wolf Packs for Truth is a satirical 527 about the wolves taking issue with being used in the Bush-Cheney "Wolves" campaign ad. The Wolves ad has taken some inexplicable abuse, while I think it hearkens back nicely to Reagan's 1984 "Bear" ad, available at The Living Room Candidate, a source for political commercials going back to the 1952 campaign.

While you're at the LRC site, take a look at the first really harsh negative ad, possibly one of the most powerful ads ever, LBJ's "Peace" ad. LBJ's campaign revolutionized political advertising and anybody who thinks campaign ads are "more negative than ever" should really watch. Basically the ad paints a clear choice between, LBJ and death by nuclear holocaust.

And while I'm on LBJ ads, it's interesting how much Bush's "The Choice" ad that starts with a VO of "When it's finally quiet..." and ends with "Alone in the booth, why take the chance?" parallels the message of LBJ's "Voting Booth."

LBJ also brought out a great ad that runs over 4 minutes, "Confessions of a Republican," in which a lifelong born-and-bred Republican explains why Goldwater is entirely different, and a little scary.

As long as I'm on the ad subject, I've already written about the Club for Growth's fantastic and very humorous ad, "Indecision," that highlights Kerry's wishy-washy nature. It's funny, as I can't think of any campaign advertising throughout history that actually criticized someone for flip-flopping.

Maybe it's because this is the first election where someone is running for President who actually seems to lack any real conviction other than his own naked desire to be President. Sadly, I can't expect it will be the last.

If you're interested in political advertising, these are some books that might interest you:
Finally, Bush's "Whatever It Takes" ad is great. It's 100% positive, nothing but Bush speaking at the Republican convention with a few cutscenes, and it is very, very powerful. For another powerful ad, you should see "Ashley's Story," if you haven't already, given that I think it has a $14 million ad buy supporting it.

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