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Since I was beating up on Zogby's polling earlier today, here's a poll that at least is completely honest: Nerve's Completely Unscientific, Transparently Partisan Sexual-Politcal Opinion Poll. Best result: 45% of respondents say Republicans have the best sex, "because the most outwardly uptight and seemingly repressed people have the craziest, kinkiest, taboo-busting, hypocritical sex behind closed doors." I'm honestly not sure what they might think is hypocritical. Since 72% of the respondents plan to vote for Kerry, I'm pretty sure they're being snarky because they're envious. And they should be.

In all fairness, this is more or less in line with the mid-October poll from ABC News Primetime Live which found Republicans are more satisfied with their sex lives (although they attribute this to the fact that more couples and men are Republicans and those groups also tend to be more satisfied with their sex lives). [complete poll results]

Another interesting result from the ABC survey:
"Blondes have more fun" also goes the way of myth, at least sexually speaking: Blondes are no more apt than others to express satisfaction or excitement with their sex lives. Indeed blondes are a little less likely than other women to always have an orgasm, and a little more likely to have faked it.
In July, I wrote about a Shocking Discovery by two economists who found (are you ready for this?), "Sex is strongly and positively associated with happiness." Whoa! I know that sounds like crazy talk, but they do have the numbers to back it up. Seriously, though, they do have some interesting findings, particularly the disproportionate impact of sex on happiness among the highly educated.

As long as I was looking in the archives to find that one, some of you newer readers might also enjoy a couple of posts from the past:
That's all for now. Get over and give Jay Cost a read, if you haven't already.

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