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Team America: Every American Should See It  | e-mail post

I have been waiting for months for Trey Parker and Matt Stone's lastest film, "Team America: World Police," to get to theaters. [Official Site] [IMDB] [Trailer from Apple]

Tonight I was able to catch a sneak preview here in town. It exceeded my expectations. Now, for those readers who might find Parker and Stone's work on the South Park series offensive, I can't really argue with you, but it is great fun nonetheless.

As with "South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut," "Team America" is something of a musical. I don't know if it will get an Oscar nomination for the music, as "Blame Canada" did in 2000, but with a Kim Jong-Il rendition of "I'm so Lonely" and a great title theme, "America: Fuck Yeah!" the music really adds a lot to the movie (as if a film made entirely with marionnettes weren't enough).

And, of course, you might already know that Parker and Stone take the liberal elements of Hollywood to task, including Alec Baldwin ("the greatest living actor"), Tim Robbins, Martin Sheen, and Jeanine Garofalo (whose charicture says something about her duty to watch TV and read the newspapers and repeat what she's seen and read as her own opinions). In TA, they are all members of the Film Actors Guild, which is typically simply referred to as FAG. Of course, Parker and Stone light up Michael Moore as well, both literally and figuratively.

Drudge reports that Parker and Stone have really raised the ire of Sean Penn, who loves peace in all its forms, now that he has his anger management problems from the '90s under control.

In fact, for those who haven't watched enough South Park to realize it may be one of the most pro-"family values" shows on television, you might be surprised to know that "Team America" actually provides a strong argument in favor of premptive military action by the U.S., although it is not exactly the language I would recommend Bush use in the next debate (although he would definitely connect with a younger audience).

There has been no shortage of controversy about the sex scene in the film, which has apparently gone back for repeated edits to satisfy the MPAA. News flash, MPAA: we are talking about sex with marionnettes. Kids have been making their Barbies have sex for I don't know how long, and you're worried about this? Actually, if you want to see puppet sex taken to the limit, turn to Oscar-winning director Peter Jackson's early work, (long before the Lord of the Rings triology) "Meet The Feebles" which features fully-penetrative sex between animal puppets and human puppets.

Also, I know my claim of South Park being pro-"family values" may raise some eyebrows, of not heckles, but I will gladly defend that position against any who care to debate it. For those of you who might remember the Fat Albert show, and their claim that "if you're not careful, you just might learn something," I would say that South Park falls into the same category.

UPDATE: Judging from the referrals, people are looking for lyrics to Kim Jong-Il's rendition of "I'm so Lonely," or "I'm So Ronery"...I aim to please, so to save you the time, here they are:

I'm So Ronery
I'm so ronery
So ronery
So ronery and sadry arone

There's no one
Just me onry
Sitting on my rittle throne

I work very hard and make up great prans
But nobody ristens, no one understands
Seems that no one takes me serirousry

And so I'm ronery
A little ronery
Poor rittre me

There's nobody
I can rerate to
Feer rike a bird in a cage

It's kinda sihry
But not rearry
Because it's fihring my body with rage

I work rearry hard to stay nice and fit
But nobody here seems to rearize that
When I rure the world maybe they'rr notice me

But untir then I'rr just be ronery
Rittre ronery, poor rittre me
I'm so ronery

I'm so ronery

In addition, they have posted Kim Jong's music video, so to speak, on the main Team America site, (go to main site, choose "clips" in lower right corner, and then "Film Clips." Enjoy.

You can also get some official Team America gear. The soundtrack will be available online on October 19th, and in stores Election Day November 2nd.

If you want to mainline more of Parker & Stone's humor, feed your DVD players with these until Team America's out on DVD:

South Park - The Complete First Season

South Park - The Complete Second Season

South Park - The Complete Third Season

South Park - The Complete Fourth Season

South Park - Four Season Pack (The Complete Seasons 1-4)

South Park - Bigger, Longer & Uncut

South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut - Music From And Inspired By The Motion Picture
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