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Team America Update: Super-Sensitive Liberals in a Lather  | e-mail post

Preface: I would like to apologize for the tone of this post, as it is, by my standards, something of a rant. Also, please be aware that any abuse or insults are not directed at the broad class of liberals or progressives, only a very specific class of whining ones. I have spoken to emotionally-balanced liberals and progressives who can appreciate the humor in the film even as they would argue that the underlying worldview expressed in the film is antithetical to their values and political philosophy. OK...on with the show.

WSJ Opinion Journal alerted me to the whining of thin-skinned liberals about "Team America" at Democratic Underground. The lead-off post on the subject is just a hoot, although I have inserted some bracketed comments and inserted some line breaks, I did not feel like translating it into actual English:
Okay, I laughed in some of it but overall this is a Freepers wet dream. They poke fun at liberals BIG TIME!!!Nothing against ANY rightwingers, ONLY LIBERALS!!! Liberals are the butt of the joke & are even the villians in this.Oh, & all the liberals Die a horrific death in this. TOTALLY bias! I mean, c'mon. [Is this supposed to be an argument? I hope it was tongue-in-cheek, as I wonder if he knows that there is a great South Park episode that has great fun with the tendency of some people to use this phrase as if it somehow had argumentative power.]

How can they NOT have Bush puppet? I mean, he so much a charachter that needs to be mocked. This film was very mean spirited IMO. My firned said I didn't get it. That it was an extreme right wing edge to it & that was the joke. [His friend is either a complete idiot or deluding himself.]

Well, I didn't get that when I saw it. TRUST ME, Freepers will call this film their own & Trey Parker & Matt Stone have sold out BIG TIME!
They didn't sell out, this guy just somehow assumed that because South Park has foul-mouthed kids, Parker & Stone were somehow liberal. As I said in my review "Team America: Every American Should See It," South Park is possibly one of the most pro-"family values" shows on television.

But the most irritating thing to me is that the writer complains (apparently without recognizing the obvious irony) about the film being mean-spirited?! Please, Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 9/11 was a complete Bush hatchet-job.(*) Of course, I can only assume the post's author thinks that is perfectly fair, as he does say that Bush "needs to be mocked."

I would suggest that those who will work themselves into a tizzy about Team America either:

a) Lighten up, or
b) Grow a pair, or
c) Just don't watch it.

There are some conservatives for whom the most likely outcome of watching F 9/11 would be raising their blood pressure and working themselves into a complete lather. I would give them the exact same advice.

INDC also has some choice complaints from the thin-skinned ones.

OK, time to return to my normally civil demeanor. I'm almost embarassed to have allowed myself to be baited into a rant, but hypocrisy really does bother me.

(*) Yes, I have watched F 9/11 it in its entirety, just this past Sunday night, in fact. I think Moore played fast and loose with many facts, and the lack of any pretense of objectivity diminished the film's power to persuade. Even my viewing companion, who professes a basically negative attitude toward Bush, but is openly ambivalent about the Iraq and terror, was completely unmoved by the film. It was certainly no "Roger & Me."

Also, do not write me with the specious argument that F 9/11's attacks on Bush were by definition "fair," to the extent that the film was a documentary. "Triumph of the Will" could be said to be an excellent documentary as well; I thinnk most connoisseurs of film would say it was far superior film-making. However, that doesn't mean that it was presenting a fair picture of Hitler's Nazi party. There is a line between "Documentary with a point" and propaganda.

I think Moore didn't simply cross that line, I would suggest he very consciously and unabashedly leapt across it. [Poles comment on F 9/11 on CNN UK] (Typing "UK" reminded me that, for example, Moore didn't bother listing England as part of the alliance of the willing...in much the same way Leni Riefenstahl didn't really include Hitler's plans for the "Final Solution" or his designs on the whole of Europe in "Triumph of the Will")

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