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Andele, Andele, Ariba, Ariba - Fastest...Confirmation...Ever   | e-mail post

Well, it looks like Bush appointed Alberto Gonzales to the Attorney General post vacated by Ashcroft's resignation. Brilliant move.

While some may be concerned about possible attacks on Gonzales for his involvement with the military tribunal creations, what Democratic senator can possibly object to George Bush's nomination of the first Hispanic-American Attorney General? Even if Gonzales made Ashcroft look like Abbie Hoffman, they can't say anything, especially with how much additional Hispanic turnout Bush pulled in this year. Their solicitous approach to dealing with minorities as individual groups, rather than a principle-driven approach, generally prevents them from taking a stand like this. Clarence Thomas was an exception, we'll see if Gonzales is as well.

Given Bush's reputation as a nicknamer, I wonder if with as quickly as this confirmation process should go, Gonzales will be known as "Speedy"?

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