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Bush Administration Fighting for Title IX  | e-mail post

Yesterday the other cynical Barry Johnson commented about the Supreme Court's decision not to hear the Massachusetts gay marriage case. He said:
Some conservatives will be chagrined that the Supreme Court has refused to hear a challenge to Massachusetts' gay marriage law. Some liberals are no doubt disappointed as well, since this development doesn't really fit their whole "Jesusland" narrative. Damned inconvenient, that.
Though the Jesusland, red-state/blue-state, "America divided" narrative does seem loved by press and pundit alike, today again it appears descriptively wanting. The case today is in fact another case today, namely Jackson v. Birmingham Board of Education, on which the Supreme Court hears arguments today. The nuts and bolts of this case is that a coach was fired after complaining that his girls' teams had inadequate resources compared to the boys' teams. He sued, but a lower court ruled that the Title IX protections do not include whistleblower protection from retaliatory firing. The cases falls before the court, pivoting on the argument that any such law without whistleblower protection is toothless, as teachers and coaches are in the best position to know when gender discrimination is taking place.

In this case, the Bush administration is doing the right thing by most people's standards, particularly those on the left, they have joined Jackson's side and have submittde amicus briefs arguing in support of anti-retaliation measures. Interestingly, the states joining Alabama in the case cut across the red-state/blue-state narrative on which the media seems so often fixated. Nine states including Oregon, Hawaii, and Delaware have all sided with Alabama.

[USA Today] [CNN] [ABC] [MSNBC]

If you're curious, you can read why I don't think America is really all that divided.

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