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Islamic Militants Go Too Far By Killing Hassan  | e-mail post

Well, apparently there are some murders that rank-and-file Muslims will object to, if still rather quietly. The murder, confirmed yesterday, of Margaret Hassan has apparently struck a nerve among many Iraqis. ["Iraqis Angry, Distraught at Aid Worker's Murder" Reuters via Yahoo] [BBC]

One Iraqi is quoted as saying, the killers "made a very big mistake. This was the wrong person." Another understands the problem that the militants are causing for the rebuilding of Iraq, as well as understanding who Iraq's real enemies are: "The enemies of Iraq are attacking power stations, oil pipelines and kidnapping foreigners and aid workers at a time when we need them most. Aid workers would be flowing into Falluja right now if they didn't fear decapitation."

I find it rather interesting that Al Jazeera is choosing not to air the tape of Hassan's murder, out of sensitivity to their audience. [Pakistan Times] I find a more likely explanation the attempt to downplay this act to help preserve the legitimacy of the terrorist elements operating in Iraq. They are probably trying to find an angle ot blame it on Israel. Think I'm kidding? Consider this from the BBC? "Conspiracy theorists - of whom there are many in the Arab world - see the workings of a sinister plot to discredit the Iraqi resistance - a view you can also hear inside Iraq."

The BBC story also mentioned something I hadn't heard much about, but I did find it very interesting in light of my post earlier this week on Dutch Anti-Muslim violence:
A group of Arab intellectuals has laid the blame squarely on religious leaders, whom they accuse of inciting violence to create an Islamic state.

They have already appealed to the UN to set up an international tribunal to try Muslim clerics who encourage the young to join the ranks of jihadis worldwide.
Frankly, given the U.N.'s track record, I wouldn't hold my breath. But I do heartily criticize the clerics. They have ultimately been far more harmful to the Iraqis than is generally recognized. As an example, see some of the discussion of Moktada al-Sadr's self-serving and Iraqi-harming behavior in my October post "Insurgent Capitulation in Sadr City."

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"This was the wrong person [to kill]." Sooo...there is a 'right person' to kill then? What a bunch of scumbags.
As has been noted in numerous places, the Arab world must take responsibilty for its internal problems, such as the habit of depressing any reform with claims of Zionistic conspiracy, before it can grapple with true exploitations of the Arab people. The Iraqi, Egyptian, and Iranian street may be the first to have the stomach sufficiently turned by internal agitators. The may never be pro-American, but perhaps the acceptance of decapitating white people will fade.
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