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Kerry Living In Denial  | e-mail post

It sounds like Kerry won't be saying anything until tomorrow.

John Hinderaker from Powerline looks like he's holding up well on NBC, and pointed out the fundamental mathematical improbability (if not impossibility). Poor Joe Trippi can't say anything other than the left-wing blogosphere is whining about NBC and Fox calling the Ohio race. Wonkette said something vaguely intelligble, but I'm not sure if she had a point.

With 98% of precincts in, Ohio has Bush with a 137,000 vote lead. With 140,000 or so provisional ballots, it's just getting ridiculous.

The key thing here is that Bush has a solid popular vote lead: 3,500,000 more votes for Bush nationally so far. Democrats have spent 4 years whining about GWB not being "their president" for losing the popular vote in 2000 by a hair over 500,000 votes.

Miwaukee voter turnout is supposedly running 115% in some precincts. Either impressive GOTV for same-day registrations, or maybe some people wanted an extra vote, hmm?

Just turned over to CBS to hear Rather say somebody must have beat someone else, "like a rented mule." The man is a parody of himself....switching channels.

CNN sounds like they're about to call Nevada. Please...Larry King's Kerry has nothing to say other than variations on, "shouldn't we wait as long as it takes for Ohio?".

David Gergen's expressing disappointment in Kerry sending Edwards out for a statement, and how it reflects on his leadership. "I can't imagine George Bush sending Dick Cheney over to the Reagan to make a statement." He also suggests that congressional Republicans will be looking at this victory as a "bold mandate."

Rove says there's "no way" Bush can lose Nevada or New Mexico. It should get called soon. I'm going to try to hold out for one more state to go Bush to hear the Bush campaign make a statement.

Larry King needs to STFU. You would think with as many divorces as he's had, he would have become pretty good at math, especially percentages.

Bush up 139,000 in Ohio now.

Current Network Calls:

CBS: 249 Bush/242 Kerry
CNN: 249 Bush/242 Kerry
ABC: 249 Bush/225 Kerry
NBC: 269 Bush/211 Kerry
FOX: 269 Bush/242 Kerry

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