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Mathematics Suspended in Kerryland (Sportsmanship, too?)  | e-mail post

The Kerry guys are thinking Ohio is still in contest. Mike McCurry wasn't kidding (see my last post for his truly hilarious comments): those Kerry guys really are bad at math.

With 97% of precints reporting, Bush is leading Ohio by 2,702,479 to 2,574,487, that' around 127,000 votes. The Ohio secretary of state says there 140,000 or so provisional ballots. The Kerry campaign seems to think there are 250,000.

First, why would the Kerry campaign know better than the SOS, unless they have a bunch stashed?

Second, do they really think these provisional ballots will break 3:1 in their favor? They have to have 76% of the provisional ballots go Kerry to make up the deficit, in a state that is running 51-49?

Everything else is too close to call right now.

The man who would be a heartbeat away, John Edwards is coming out for some happy talk. He and John K are "so proud." Great, you guys get an "A" for effort. "We will fight for every vote."

Every heard of losing with grace?

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