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Mike McCurry's Money Quote for the Night  | e-mail post

Brokaw interviewing Mike McCurry around 10:35PM central, after talking to Karen Hughes:
Mike McCurry: Well, Tom, I'm reporting to you live from a parallel universe called Kerryland and we just have a different view of the world. I'm not as good at math as my friend Tim Russert, but I'll tell you...We just have a much different view of the world
You just can't make up stuff like that. Brokaw then offered to help McCurry with his math.
Mike McCurry: Mr Brokaw, you're good with that math.
As I've said many times, the Dems just aren't good at math, that's why the don't understand the depressive effect of taxation on the economy. (OK, don't get me started on deficit spending.)

Kerry staffers are supposedly planning on a "long, ugly night" in Ohio...I guess they know they're going to have to try to steal it.

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