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MPR Listeners: Fund Drive Almost Over; Have You Paid?  | e-mail post

If you haven't you should. And if you don't listen, you really, really should tune in (and then pay).

Public radio is really some of the best, most objective, and most interesting news and information around, no matter where you stand on the political spectrum. Sure, sometimes you might not agree with a speaker or a commentator they have, but they are very good at equal time, and their news really is balanced and in-depth.

I imagine very few of you outside of Minnesota, and even those who are here, realize that Minnesota is pretty much the epicenter of public radio, being the headquarters for Public Radio International and American Public Media as well as MPR, possibly the strongest public radio station network in the country. And, not to sound like the people on the radio, but it really is member contributions that make public radio strong.

So, make your pledge today, and don't forget the other ways to support MPR as well.

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