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The Philly Inquirer reports on people casting their votes in New Jersey:

Camden stories:
In Ventnor:

I'll make the quick observation that while all the listed Camden voters were going for Dems, Republicans will probably vote without such hooplah, as they know where their polling place is, have registered and usually have ID for their address because they aren't as transient.

This news item from the AP suggests some voting machines are down in NJ and elsewhere.

Maybe we should leave it up to high school students: Bush wins in a landslide.

Dems are working hard, though, letting nothing, especially not the truth, stand in their way. NJ voters are getting faked calls sayin Stormin' Norman Schwarzkopf supports Kerry. The truth is, he supports Bush.

Funny issue with voting machine certifications in New Jersey from PatentlyObvious.

McGreevey impact on election discussed.

National Review Online has a message from a Middlesex County voter who mysteriously disappeared from the voter registration list after living in his district for 9 years. Then he got a provisional ballot without showing any ID. WTF?

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