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Oil-for-Food Program Abuse Update 2  | e-mail post

The (bad) news keeps spilling out in the investigations in the Oil-for-Food program. With committees in both the House and Senate investigating things, I imagine we will start having significant news come to light. Here's a roundup of some news today.

The United Nations ignored private intelligence firm's leads in the case, reports the Washington Times. Some of the firm's findings:
Sadly, the findings seem to be a heavy indictment of Paul Volker's Independent Inquiry Committee.

Claudia Rosett writing for the Wall Street Journal examines Kofi Annan's involvement in the Oil-for-Food program, saying, "Come Clean, Kofi." Not bloody likely, I'd say. Rosett gives a good play-by-play of Annan's involvement in the program (beyond his son's involvement, mentioned above).

Henry Hyde's International Relations committee in the House is also looking into things, including the involvement of French bank BNP Paribas, reports the NYT. Superlawyer Bob Bennett (brother of Reagan-era moral values champion Bill Bennett) is defending Paribas.

Reuters [via ABC] reports on Russian denials of wrongdoing, saying all the accusations. Actually, the Duelfer report seemed to raise some questions as well. At the same time, the Moscow Times reports that Russia is blocking the repatriation of Iraqi assets by four individuals, including Saddam's last ambassador to Russia.

Meanwhile, Denis Halliday former U.N. Assistant Secretary General, is claiming the United States was complicit in the Oil-for-Food abuses. [Inter Press Media] Halliday was opposed to the sanctions program itself, calling the sanctions "genocidal." Halliday also seems to have some pretty nutty ideas about what U.S. satellites are capable of: "Every contract, kickback and every (barrel of oil) smuggled into Turkey, Syria and Jordan, and even into Iran, was well known to and closely monitored by (overhead) U.S. satellites." Wow! I knew we had good satellites, but holy high-resolution Batman!

In the days of sanctions and the OFF program, Halliday accused the U.S. of causing problems for Iraqi people and was a staunch defender of Saddam Hussein and the Baath party. [CNN interview] Of course, one main reason why the Iraqi people weren't getting all the humanitarian aid was that so much of it was being skimmed, but Halliday seems to take greater pleasure in being an apologist for the old Iraqi regime.

Speaking of genocide, the tragic news today was that money skimmed from the Oil-for-Food program was used to cover Saddam's promises to compensate the families of Palestinian suicide bombers engaged in attacks against Israelis. [Fox News] [Seattle Times]

Yesterday's update is here. More news tomorrow, I imagine.

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The tragedy, IMHO, is that the UN and the countries criminally accountable for this, will never be called to task. Or maybe Condi Rice will have the fortitude and well, chutzpah, to make life hard on our back-stabbing European counterparts.
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